Who Pays Realtor Fees & How Much Are They?

Three toy model homes placed on a table next to a calculator and pen to calculate realtor commission fees in ColoradoAfter you hire a realtor in Colorado Springs to buy or sell a home, you’ll likely have plenty of questions. One of the main questions we hear about is the concern of who pays realtor fees. Let’s discuss the realtor’s commission, show you who exactly pays the realtor after a sale is complete, and cover […]

What Does Contingent Mean in Realtor Listings?

Colorado homes for sale with contingent status near Rocky MountainsIf you have been looking for a home with a realtor, you might be wondering what the real estate term contingent means. Let’s look at what contingent means on a realtor’s listings and how often contingent offers fall through in Colorado Springs. These answers will make your house search even easier. Contact Rene Today What […]

Real Estate Agent vs. Broker: What’s the Difference?

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Colorado

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What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent

Cartoon illustration of a young woman wondering make qualities great real estate agents have in ColoradoHow do you find the best real estate agent in Denver or Colorado Springs? Let’s find out. Here we discuss what exactly to look for in a real estate agent. You could head to the web and search “best realtor near me,” but that won’t always guarantee the best results. We will show you how […]