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Selling a home can be an emotional experience. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you had to list and sell your home, there are multiple routes you can take. Whether you work with a realtor or sell your home independently, you want the process to be seamless from creating the listing to accepting an offer. Let’s discuss the reasons why people may want to sell their home, ways to sell your home, different selling methods, how long it takes to sell your home, understanding and interpreting different offers, and analyzing the pros and cons of your potential home buyers.

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Top Reasons to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can either be a decision you made or something that was out of your control. Whether you are moving to attend a specific university, moving for a job transfer, or to fulfill a military order, it can be a long process. Here are the top reasons people sell their homes:

  • Home Needs – People sell their homes and move because they need a larger home or another house that fits their needs.
  • Finances – People may just want to cash in on their property in a booming housing market or they want to move into a home or area that they can afford.
  • Personal Reasons – May it be for a new job, a new school, or to be closer to family members, people often sell their homes to move where life takes them.
  • Life Stages – People get older, people change, and people may experience hardship that requires a different set of needs out of their home.

There are also potential financial benefits to selling your home, especially if you have positive equity on your home. With the Colorado housing market constantly growing in demand, more buyers are searching for the perfect home and sellers are eager to sell their property and make a profit. No matter the reason, the opportunity to sell your home can present positive long-term results.


How to Sell Your Home?

Determining the steps to sell your home can include feelings of excitement, uncertainty, and reluctance to leave old memories behind with the anticipation of creating new ones. Selling your home starts with the essential questions:

  1. Are you using a real estate agent to sell your home?
  2. Are you going to be selling your home independently?

Once you have decided the answer, the next steps will follow suit. Here are a few essential steps to take when you want to sell your home:

  • Set a timeline for selling your home.
  • Get professional photos taken of your home.
  • Create advertisements across various online platforms and print materials.
  • Hire a professional team to stage your house.
  • Advise with an appraiser to determine the appropriate selling price for the market.
  • Analyze buyer offers and determine which one would be the best option to accept.

Most importantly, speaking with a real estate professional who understands the home buying and selling process will help your chances to have a quick, successful sale.


How Fast Can I Sell My House?

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You can sell your home faster by utilizing the many resources around you. By working with a seasoned real estate agent, they will know the ins and outs of what is happening in the housing market. If you decide to sell your home independently, you may miss out on short-cuts that can streamline the process, resulting in you doing more in the long run. Another tip to sell your home faster may include staging your home for potential buyers. This creates a clean, clutter-free space so potential buyers can picture their items in the home. Another useful tactic to boost your selling process would be to pass it around in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Denver, Colorado community. Spreading your upcoming sale by word-of-mouth with friends and family can introduce potential connections and close the sale faster.


How to Interpret Different Offers for My Home?

When selling your home, the offers you will receive might come from different sources. For example, one offer can come from an investor or agent who buys homes for cash. Another offer can come from an individual or family who is house hunting on their own or through their designated realtor. Based on what comes your way when your home is for sale, there are certain offers to keep an eye out for:

  • The highest purchase price, especially if it is over asking.
  • An all-cash transaction.
  • A buyer who is pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Near-instant closings (less than 30 days).

These types of offers, whether they come from a company or an individual, you want to make sure you choose the best offer that meets your needs. In the wild housing market that Colorado Springs and Denver have currently, analyze what you want from the transaction before reviewing your offers. And better yet, consult with your realtor for their guidance and advice so you make the best decision for your family’s needs.


Pros & Cons of Different Home Buying Offers

There is no better feeling than receiving an offer on your home from an interested buyer. However, it is important to keep in mind that each offer is going to contain unique details. For example, one buyer might have an all-cash offer, where one might only include a specific cash amount. Some offers may include contingencies, where some might have longer escrow periods (longer than 30 to 45 days). When working with a realtor and their company, they have certain procedures in place that can make the closing process faster.


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Rene Beshear is a widely accepted and highly reviewed realtor who has made a staple for homeowners, both buyers and sellers, in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. From home buying and open houses to home staging services, Rene makes you the priority from the initial conversation. She makes it a point to not only advertise your property on the MLS website and her own website, but across full-color advertisements, professional photographs, and digital promotions. And best of all, she makes sure you are happy with every detail along the way until you get up from the closing table. Have a question? Contact Rene today to kickstart your homebuying journey.


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